Academic Integrity Policy

Academic Integrity is the moral code of academia. It involves using, generating and communicating information in an ethical, honest and responsible manner. Academic Integrity has also been defined as acting with the values of honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility and courage in learning. Academic Integrity is a core value of DAMA International and the Certified Data Management Professionals program.

Academic Misconduct occurs when a staff member or an exam participant does not uphold the core values or follow the CDMP Exam Conditions.

CDMP Exam Conditions


All exams open book. Participants are permitted to have a textbook or notes. The textbook may be used as a pdf, in digital form on another device, not connected to the device on which they are taking their exam, such as a tablet or laptop.

English as a second language participants may use browser translation software and approved English to native language dictionaries.

Participants may use online dictionaries to understand terminology in exam questions.

Not Allowed:

The following are disallowed by the proctoring software:

  • Restroom Breaks
  • Wearing of headphones or hats (cultural headdress is excepted)
  • Background Noise
  • Sitting the exam in a public area (the exam participant is the only person permitted in the exam room)
  • Use of mobile phones or smartwatches

A participant may not use websites, or internet searches to find exam questions, answers or gain understanding of the subject matter of a question during the exam.

Participants may not leave the room during the exam. 
Participants may not communicate with anyone during the exam, except the online proctor. 
Participants must comply with all requests from the online proctor.
Participants must resume the exam immediately if the exam stops for any reason.
Participants must submit a valid room and desk scan at the start of the exam

Recording or copying (in any fashion) of the exam questions and/or answers by the participants is strictly prohibited.

Note all browser usage is recorded by the Honorlock proctoring software.

Exams are international. Multi-language ID’s are permitted



The proctor has the responsibility to oversee participants while they take their exams and to help ensure exam integrity.

Before the exam the proctor should:

  1. Ensure a quiet area or classroom has been made available
  2. Confirm the participants identity by checking their photo identification
  3. Provide your participants with the exam access code at the commencement of the exam

During the exam the proctor should:

  1. Ensure to the best of their ability that misconduct does not occur
  2. Exam participants are monitored for the duration of the exam

Exam Participants

Exam participants have a responsibility to:

  1. Familiarise themselves with the DAMA International Academic Integrity policy
  2. Familiarise themselves with the CDMP exam conditions
  3. Act in accordance with the Academic Integrity policy and the exam guidelines and principles of Academic Integrity and avoid all acts which could be considered Academic Misconduct

 Suspected Academic Misconduct Procedure

  1. Notification of incidents are provided to the CDMP support platform via the Honorlock software
  2. Verification of the incident is made by CDMP Support staff
  3. Suspected Academic misconduct notice provided to Exam participant
  4. Information and evidence provided to DAMA International for an Academic Misconduct review
  5. Outcome of Suspected Academic misconduct review provided from DAMA International to the Exam participant

Review of Suspected Academic Misconduct review

Allegations of breaches of Academic Integrity will be reviewed in the context of the following factors:

  1. The available evidence
  2. Any specific information provided to the participant about Academic Integrity or CDMP Exam Guidelines as part of their participation in a CDMP exam
  3. The surrounding circumstances
  4. The extent and seriousness of the alleged misconduct

Consequences of a Suspected Academic Misconduct review

Depending on the severity level, DAMA International may impose the following consequences on an exam participant for Proved Academic Misconduct

    1. Removal of exam result
    2. Full fee required for a resit
    3. Restriction on time elapsed before allowed resit of an exam (ie 3, 6 or 12 months)
    4. Removal or restriction of certification