Do you need to convert your prior certification
to the new CDMP format?

DAMA International has started an initiative for all those who obtained a CDMP certification before March 2019, and wish to be recognised according to the current CDMP standard, to join the CDMP conversion program.

To be included you must have certified previously as either: ICCP CDMP or CDMP between 2016-2018 and be an Active (i.e. current) DAMA-I Individual Central Member.

Those deemed eligible may be required to undertake 1 or 2 current exams at a discounted price of (USD)$121. The instructions for your process will be emailed to you from DAMA-I. 

The CDMP conversion window will be open until 31 December 2021. 

Emails with instructions of the process have been sent out to previous known certified participants. 

I didn't receive an email to
convert my certification?

Please note

If you do not complete the conversion requirements by 31 December 2021 the validity of your previous CDMP will cease, as below, and you will not be issued any badges from the current system.

If your current CDMP expiry:

You can of course, after this conversion offer closes, restart your CDMP journey from the beginning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to convert my certification?

The new CDMP is based on DMBoK2: contains only Data Management exams; has a higher pass threshold; and does not permit substitutes. Some prior CDMPs had achieved the highest level by passing only one Data Management exam at 70%.  It is common practice for many professional certifications to require a recertification process.

My certification is valid and DOES not expire until the end of 2021. Do I need to undertake the conversion process?

Certifications gained under ICCP CDMP or CDMP between 2016-2018  are now considered legacy certifications.

You don’t have to convert. You can opt to let your legacy certificate expire. If you let your certification expire, in the future to gain CDMP certification you will need to complete all the requirements from the beginning.

What does “Active DAMA-I Individual Central Member” mean ?

Please note that only those who are Active (i.e. current) DAMA-I Individual Central Members are eligible for  the conversion process.

Activate/renew your Membership

I have received a message asking me to renew the DAMA Central Membership to access the CDMP Conversion process. I have done it this and I am now an Active Central Member. What’s next?

Wait for your email instructions.

DAMA Operation staff are checking Central Membership renewals weekly. Once your Central Membership status is checked, you will receive an email with detailed instructions for your CDMP conversion process based on your current CDMP status.

I received a message indicating the need to renew my DAMA Central Membership, but I am an Active member. What should I do?

Please advise us if you believe you already have current membership by writing to DAMA Customer Service, DAMA Operations staff will check your status and give you further information.

What does “ICCP Fully Maintained” mean?

Your conversion process, and the exams you will be required to undertake, are based on how you gained certification originally. If it was under ICCP there is a different process for those who have maintained ICCP certification and those who haven’t.

If you have maintained your ICCP certification, you will need to to provide evidence of this up to 2020.

ICCP membership and Certification Renewal

What if I decide to gain a higher certification?

If you wish to purchase additional exams, to gain a higher certification level than offered in the conversion offer, you will need to enrol in the public version of the exam and pay the standard fee (USD$311) per exam.

What if I decide not to take the required exam/s?

If you choose not to take exams your legacy certification will expire. You will not be recognised as a DAMA-I Certified Data Management Professional and not be issued any badges.

Why is the Conversion promoted as an opportunity? What is the difference from the standard exam process?

The current conversion window is an opportunity because the exams required, to obtain the new CDMP certification, are only charged at USD$121. This is the cost of administration and is  lower than the standard USD$311 per exam.

After my exams what will I receive?

You will receive a Badge and a certificate based on the certification level achieved. These are issued manually after completion of the requirements.

This can take up to 10 days to be awarded.

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