CDMP Conversion FAQs

Enrolment instructions

Having trouble with your enrolment.
Download enrolment instructions here.

What if I decide not to take the required exam/s?

If you choose not take exams you will not be recognised as a Certified Data Management Professional and will not be issued any badges.

What does “ICCP Fully Maintained” mean?

You will need to have regularly maintained ICCP membership and Certification Renewal and be able to provide evidence of your certification up to 2020.

What if I decide to gain a higher certification?

If you are wanting to purchase additional exams to gain a higher certification level than offered in the migration you will need to enrol in the public version of the exam and pay the standard fee (usd$300) per exam.

What does “Active DAMA-I Individual Central Member” mean ?

You will need to hold a current Individual Central Standard Membership with DAMA International. Activate/renew your Membership

After my exams what will I recieve?

You will receive a Badge and a certificate based on your exam pass mark/s. These are issued manually after completion of the requirements.

This can take up to 10 days to be awarded.