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Certified Data Management Professionals

All organisations need certainty that the people who are managing this important strategic asset are qualified.

Next event:
Data Management Fundamentals: 28 September
Data Governance: 27-28 September


  1. Use the PAY NOW below your exam to pay and enrol in exam (Only shows when enrolments are open)
  2. Prior to the event enrol the exam if you would like to attempt the practise exam
  3. You will be emailed a confirmation which includes a link to download the enrolment instructions

Exams are 110 mins. Exams are open book.

Data Management
Fundamentals Exam

USD $300

Event Dates:
28 September 2020
20 November 2020
27 November 2020
18 December 2020

Quality exam

USD $300

Event Dates:
8-9 October 2020
3-4 December 2020

Governance exam

USD $300

Event Dates:
27-28 September 2020
15-16 October 2020


USD $300

Next event: 5-6 May

Data Modelling and
Design exam

USD $300

Next event: 18-19 June

Re-takes at event

PIYP allows for 1 attempt. If you pass you are required to pay using the PAY NOW buttons to get access to your badge and certificate.

If you didn’t meet the requirements on your first attempt you can pay for a re-take. 

If you would like to do your reattempt at the event. You will need to pay using the PAY NOW button and inform your event coordinator to ensure your attempt is added before the next exam session.

Bulk payment option

For employers needing to purchase multiple exams

-please request via the contact form


  1. Click the pay now button
  2. In the cart change the quantity you are wishing to purchase
  3. After purchase you will be provided a coupon code to enable your participants to enrol

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