Proctor agreement

Thank you for being a Proctor for the CDMP exam. 

As a proctor, it is your responsibility to oversee the participants while they take their exams and to help ensure exam integrity. Each exam will have access codes that will be emailed to the exam coordinator 2 days prior to the exam.

Before the exam ensure your event coordinator has provided you with a list of participants and the access code.

  1. Ensure a quiet area or classroom has been made available
  2. Confirm the participants identity by checking their photo identification
  3. Provide your participants with the exam access code at the commencement of the exam

While participants are taking exams, it is your responsibility to ensure to the best of your ability that cheating does not occur. Although you are not expected to sit and watch the participants for the entire exam, it is important that participants are monitored.

Recording (in any fashion) of the exam questions and/or answers by the participants is strictly prohibited.

CDMP exams are open book.

Participants with English as a second language are permitted to use dictionaries and browser translation.

You must read the Academic Integrity Policy prior to completing this agreement.

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