Exam Events by Country

If you are attending an exam event, please ensure you are registered for the event as well as the exam.

An event registration link is listed, if one has been provided to CDMP Support.
Please do not purchase an online proctored exam if you are attending an exam event, unless you are advised to by your event coordinator.

If you are attending a Pay If You Pass (PIYP) event please note that you are only permitted to attend one PIYP event per calendar year.

Event Dates: 4 December 
Exam:  Data Management Fundamentals

Location: online

In October, DAMA-RMC will host four virtual one-hour study support sessions covering key DMBOK content and practice questions, followed by a half-day “intensive” review session to prepare for the CDMP exam, and finally a locally hosted and proctored in-person group exam.

Exam booking/payment: Register here

Event Dates: 18 – 19 November
Exam:  Data Management Fundamentals exam and Data Modelling and Design specialist exam.
Exams available as Pay If You Pass from 17 – 24 November to event participants. 

Location: Virtual

Event details here 

Exam booking/payment: You will be provided with details by the event coordinator

Event Dates: 25 November – 4 December
Exam:  Data Management Fundamentals and Data Quality and Data Governance specialist exams

Coordinator: DAMA Italy
Location: Virtual

Conference of the EMEA Chapters

DAMA Italy wants to support all the DAMA Members who will attend the DAMA Italy Annual Convention and the Conference of the DAMA Chapters of the EMEA Region with the opportunity to take the CDMP Certifications exams in Pay if you Pass format.

For info about how to register and enrol in the exams, please contact segreteria@dama-italy.org

Event registration here

Event Dates: 3 – 11 December
Exam:  Data Management Fundamentals, Data Quality, Data Governance, and Metadata specialist exams

Coordinator: DAMA Peru
Location: Virtual

Who can attend: DAMA Peru Chapter members only (further information here)

Exam booking/payment: You will be provided with details by the event coordinator

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