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Certified Data Management Professionals

All organisations need certainty that the people who are managing this important strategic asset are qualified.

Terms and Conditions

The price to sit an exam is set by DAMA International at USD$300. Payments for exams are non-refundable.

Online Exams come with Proctoring and will incur an additional fee of USD$11, which is payable directly to Honorlock prior to the commencement of the exam

If your payment method fails and you still get access to the exam you are enrolling in, we reserve the right to disable access to the exam until payment is received.

DAMA international reserves the right to revoke your certification in the event of

  • Identification of a person knowingly submitting or making a false or misleading declaration
  • Identification of a person using or attempting to use outside influences to pass an exam (ie getting assistance to pass an exam) this includes but is not limited to taking an exam on behalf of someone else, having someone take an exam on your behalf or using third party input to answer exam questions

You may not download, display, distribute, print or copy, any material from this website or from the associated linked services such as Canvas, Catalog or Canvas LMS including, without limitation, schedules, curricula, tests, test answers and logos.

You exercise your export rights on exam products  by logging into the Canvas CDMP platform, via Canvas Catalog.

All resource materials contained on this site and associated linked services such as Canvas, Catalog or Canvas LMS are owned by DAMA International. © Copyright. DAMA International 2019


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