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A 40 question practice exam for the Data Management Fundamentals exam is provided free, after enrolment, in each exam.
There are currently no practice exams for the specialist exams. The practice exam draws 40 random questions from a bank of 200 practice questions. You can do the practice exam as many times as you want.

Data Management Fundamentals exam

The Data Management Fundamentals exam is required for all CDMP certification levels: Associate, Practitioner and Master

Data Management Fundamentals exam


The practice exam is free with the exam purchase.

What do I have to do
to get certification?

Specialist exams

Participants must complete two specialist exams for CDMP Practitioner and Master level certification

Data Modelling and Design

Data Modelling and Design exam



Metadata exam


Data Quality

Data Quality exam


Data Governance

Data Governance Exam


Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence

Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence exam


Reference and Master Data Management

Reference and Master Data Management exam


Data Integration and Interoperability

Data Integration and Interoperability exam


DAMA International the global data management community

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