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What does certification cost?

All exams regardless of where they are taken (conference, training or online) cost USD$300. Online proctored exams incur an additional USD$11 proctor fee. (Exam payment includes 3 year Individual membership with DAMA International ) 

Certification lasts for 3 years. Details on renewals will be released shortly

Can I re-take An exam if I don't pass?

Yes. A re-take will allow access to a second attempt of the exam and will cost USD$200. There is no minimum time frame between your first attempt and your re-take.

You can book a re-take here

When can I sit the exam?

The  exam system is designed so you can sit the exam in your own time, in your own space at anytime. You do not need to book an exam time. Online exam are proctored using Honorlock which is available 24/7 without any booking requirements. 

It is recommended you take your exam in a quiet private location to limit potential flags and distractions.

where do i access the exam?

All exams are hosted in Canvas LMS, with enrolment made through the Canvas Catalog. Once you pay for an exam you will be prompted to download an exam guide and instructions and links to enrol in your chosen exam and setup a student account in Canvas.

Are there any system requirements at home?

If you are not attending a DAMA event or training event to sit the exam, your exam will be proctored by Honorlock. You will need access to a laptop or desktop computer with Chrome, a working webcam, microphone. Integrated or external USB will both work. Check your system here

Are there any system requirements at events?

If you attending an DAMA event or training event you will need a computer or tablet to take the exam as these are generally proctored live. However if a proctor is not available your event coordinator will advise you an online proctor will be used.

How long (time) are the exams?

All exams are 100 questions.  You will have 90 minutes to complete the exam once you start. If English is not your main language you will get an additional 20 minutes to complete the exam.

Are exams only in english?

Currently all exams are only available in English. If English is not your first language you can enrol in the English as a second Language version where you are given an additional 20 mins to complete the exam. During the exam you are able to gain access to if you need assistance

What do I need to prepare for the online proctor?

The Honorlock proctor system has a 2 minute verification system prior to you commencing the exam. This will include showing a form of photo ID.  You can use any government issued ID  (i.e. driver license, passport) or a student ID that has your photo.

what does the online proctor do?

The Honorlock proctor is a combination of video monitoring, audio monitoring and live chat. The online system will step you through the process. If an Honorlock live proctor needs intervene for any reason your exam time is paused.

What if something goes wrong during my online exam?

Don’t worry, Honorlock offers technical support 24/7 to assist students before, during, and after their proctored tests. If you need any assistance, contact our support agents by phone or live chat.

Why am I being prompted for an access code to take my exam?

If you are taking an online exam and are being prompted for an access code you are most likely not in Google Chrome or you do not have the Honorlock Chrome Extension.

If you are at an event, your event coordinator will provide you with the Access code when you are ready to start the exam.

Online proctoring how is my privacy protected?

Honorlock is FERPA compliant and uses securely encrypted protocols to save and view all test taker assets. Honorlock’s certified proctors and your institution’s faculty are able to review test session videos until deleted based on the school’s retention policy.

Online procting verification process

What do I get after passing the exam?

After passing an exam you will receive a Badge. Badges are issued automatically within 7 days. 

Certificates are issued for Associate, Practitioner and Master level certifications. Certificates are issued within 7 working days of passing exams and becoming eligible.

What are badges?

The CDMP exam platform awards digital badges for passing CDMP certifications.  Put these badges on your CV, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or even Pinterest to take advantage of your newly earned certification.

The badge is not just an image. It carries metadata that can be verified. For example, you can send your CDMP badge to a prospective employer who can verify that your CDMP certification is authentic and valid.  The CDMP badges use the popular openbadges standard.

How do I access my badges?

Your badges are stored with the organisation

When you pass an exam and gain a badge you will be emailed a link to create a Badgr account. We strongly suggest you use the email address that you access Canvas with so it all links up and captures your future CDMP badges automatically.

How do I share my badges?

Your badges are stored on Logon using your email. Click on BACKPACK to see your badges. Click on a badge then select option SHARE BADGES. There, you will be able to link or embed the badge on your CV/resume and post to your social media channels.

How do I put badges on my linkedin profile?

See Badgr LinkedIn Support: See the section “Adding badges to your LinkedIn Certifications”

How do I put badges in my CV/Resume?

Your badges are stored on Logon using your email. Click on BACKPACK to see your badges. Click on a badge then select option SHARE BADGES. There, you will be able to link or embed the badge on your CV/resume and post to your social media channels.

How do I store other badges for all my certifications?

First of all go to the certification provider and obtain the access URL for the badge you are entitled to. i.e for TOGAF, contact the open group.

Your CDMP badges are stored on Logon using your email. Click on BACKPACK to see your badges.

Select BADGE and enter the badge URL. Click the ADD BADGE button on this window to save the badge in your backpack.

How do I verify badges?

Go to and enter in the URL. (Nice touch: you can give prospective employers the URL and let them verify your credentials as they require …)

As an option, you can enter your email address and so verify not only the badge is a valid certification, BUT ALSO that you are the recipient.

Click VERIFY to do the check. 

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