Who can hold a CDMP
exam event?

CDMP exam events can be held by DAMA Chapters, by organisations running data management courses, and by other private organisations

What types of events are supported by CDMP Support?

Exam events can be held online, or in-person.

DAMA Chapters can host one Pay If You Pass (PIYP) events per year. 

How do I set up
an event?

Decide on the date of your event and the type of event you wish to organise. Then complete the New event setup form below. 

Forms are sent to DAMA-I for approval.

Have more questions about
running an event?

New event requests should be submitted 30 days or more before the event date 

Any changes to the original event request should be made preferably 7 days prior to event date and subject to DAMA-I approval.

Exam details

Specialist exams are available on request.