Bulk purchasing exams

If you are purchasing two or more exams for someone else, then you can use the bulk payment option.

This option is designed for employers, DAMA Chapters, people running training courses, and anyone else who needs to purchase exams for other people.

No, there are currently no discounts for bulk exam purchases.

All in-person exams need to be taken at an approved DAMA-I event.

Please see your Event Coordinators guidelines about how to purchase your in-person exams.

No. If you are only purchasing one exam for someone please go to the main exam page to make the purchase.

Our merchant payment limit is 50 exams in one payment. 

  • The name on the form, and on the payment, should be the name of the person, and organisation, making the payment.
  • Purchasers details should go in ‘exam takers name’ and ‘exam takers email’ boxes.
  • You do not need to include the name and contact details of your exam takers in this bulk purchase.

Purchasing multiple exams
for yourself?

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NOTE: Exam purchases are non-refundable