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Introducing D2L

D2L, short for Desire2Learn, is an innovative LMS designed to transform user experience. D2L provides access to a wide range of features and tools that will empower users to succeed in certification journey. 

 Key Features of D2L: 

  • Intuitive Interface – Navigate D2L with ease using its user-friendly interface, designed to streamline the experience. 
  • Personalized Learning Paths – Customise experiences to suit individual needs and preferences, allowing users to undertake practice and actual exams at their own pace. 
  • Comprehensive Support – Access support resources, including instructions and guides, ensuring a smooth and successful journey. 

Welcome to a world of limitless learning opportunities! 

D2L will empower CDMP users to succeed in their user journey and unlock new opportunities for growth and development.  

Questions and Answers

The D2L LMS went live on 25 March 2024.

It depends. If you have not taken your exam on Canvas by 12 April 2024, then we will move your account over to D2L.

If you have completed your exams on Canvas, you will not have an account created for you on D2L. 

You will have until 12 April 2024 to log into Canvas, at which point your account will be suspended.

Yes. If you have not enrolled on Canvas, you will be contacted during the transition period 25 March – 12 April via email with instructions to access your exam on D2L 

You can access your exam on Canvas as usual during the transition period.

If you purchase your exam after 25 March you will be automatically enrolled in D2L. 

One 12 April 2024 all Canvas accounts will suspended and you will no longer be able to log in.


Canvas Accounts that have not been accessed since October 2023 have been suspended in preparation for the transition.

You can contact us here if you need assistance.

Until 12 April you will be able to access and attempt your retake in your current Canvas account.

After 12 April if you still need to do your retake, you will be transitioned to an account in D2L. 

Yes. You will still be able to see all your existing badges in your badgr backpack.

Badges earned from D2L will continue to be issued from Badgr. 

D2L is supported on all browsers.

However, online proctored exams require the latest update of Chrome and for you to download a Chrome extension to operate.

Online exams will continue to be proctored on Honorlock. You can read the FAQs about Honorlock on our standard FAQ page here

The transition period is being rolled out between 25 March and 12 April 2024.

Each event provider will be contacted directly by CDMP Support to facilitate the transition to the new platform.

Once your events transition to the D2L platform you will need to:

  • Understand the changes for your participants enrolments
  • Update your materials to reflect the new system

The below FAQs address everything you need to know.

There are no changes to how the event process is managed.

We have changed from using Canvas to using D2L and the exam taking platform.

These changes mean:

  • The LMS (D2L) has a new look and feel, 
  • Your participants will be automatically enrolled upon purchase of their exam

No. The setup and approval process for your event remains unchanged.

You will be provided with the Participant instructions that directs your exam takers to purchase their exam product on the cdmp.info website. 

This process is the same as the previous process on the old platform.

No. After purchasing their exam they will be automatically enrolled on the D2L platform. They will receive a login email from the D2L system.

They will also receive a receipt email confirming their payment.  

They no longer need to download an enrolment instructions document.

You should tell your participants after they pay for their exam to look for their D2L Login email, and check spam/junk folders if they didn’t receive it. 



The Practice exam appears for your participants automatically. This is triggered by their enrolment on D2L.

It can take up to 1 hour for the Practice exam to appear for your participants on the D2L home page under My Exams 

You can request updated images for your training material from CDMP Support.